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Mei Hip baby carrier by Ellaroo

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Mei Hip baby carrier by Ellaroo

50 €
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08.11.2012 17:13

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The most innovative baby carrier to hit the market in years. This is the only hip carrier available with a shoulder strap that cups the shoulder, rather than riding up toward the wearer’s neck. Add the supportive waist strap, and you have a very practical, comfortable baby carrier. A backfriendly way to carry baby on the hip from sitting up through the toddler years.
Certified 100% Organic Cotton from India– Grown, processed and manufactured in compliance with Organic Fiber Processing Standards.
Wearing tips Success with any baby carrier takes a little practice. You can ease the process by making sure that baby is fed, rested, and happy before you try the Mei Hip the first few times. It won’t be long before you will both turn to the Mei Hip for comfort.
Tuck the fabric tails out of the way, for a cleaner look.
If you choose not to use the waist buckle, secure the Mei Hip waist straps with a double knot.
Care instructions Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.

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