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Uus Dc Who konstruktor

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Uus Dc Who konstruktor

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16.11.2012 12:53

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Uus Dc Who konstruktor

Manufacturer's Description
The Cybermen at Stonehenge have been destroyed bylocal Celtic warriors. Now the pieces of each Cybermanare trying to reassemble, they must upgrade theirtechnology and locate humans to convert into moreCybermen. This pack contains 3 upgrades; - infra-red(use your home TV remote control to activate), objectawareness and light sensitivity modes. Create yourown moving Cyberman Head Unit by using 3different modules, joining the correct wiringcircuits and take control of one of theDoctor’s most terrifying enemies!
Product Description
Create your own realistic Cyberman head with the Doctor Who Cybernetics kit. The pack contains three upgrade modules for you to attach to your Doctor Who Cybernetics Cyberman including an infra-red receiver which you can activate with your TV remote, an object detector and a light sensitivity unit. This cool kit is a fun introduction to electronics and uses your wiring skills to bring one of the Doctor's most villainous enemies to life.

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