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18.12.2012 15:41

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We are producing and installing custom without size restrictions sectional overhead garage door. Possible to produce windows and doors or fully glazed. Retractable by hand or equipped with automatic and remote control. Standard colors: white, brown, silver and imitation wood (golden oak, black oak, old oak, mahogany) or any other color of your choice. Favorable price. Good quality, service, warranty. To enable us to develop a commercial offer you, we need to know the column width, height, empty space above the box (to the ceiling). Call for pricing agree. Setting up the whole Estonian territory. We carry out servicing and repairs to gates and other manufacturers products.
Provides full-service, consulting, surveying, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation.
During maintenance warranty period free of charge, as well as make the warranty service through a contract.
Good prices and quality guaranteed.

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