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Swann DVR4-1200 Security recording kit with internet viewing

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Swann DVR4-1200 Security recording kit with internet viewing

180 €
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21.12.2012 17:46

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View & record from up to 4 cameras simultaneously during the day, night, indoors or outdoors.
Includes 2 all-weather, high resolution 480TVL cameras with powerful night vision to 65ft/20m. Upgrade by adding 2 more cameras of your choice for full 4 channel monitoring.
Set & forget by recording continuously from 4 cameras for 120 days+ onto a massive 500GB hard drive even longer with motion detection.
Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating incident video, then transfer to USB flash drive.
Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live viewing on 3G enabled Smartphones including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile 6, Symbian OS and more.
Remote viewing is easier than ever to set up with UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) auto network configuration.
Fight back against crime by deterring intruders, protecting your property & knowing what's happening at all times.
An expandable, state of the art solution for any home or business wanting complete protection.