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Saitek Cyborg Evo Force 3D

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Saitek Cyborg Evo Force 3D

49 €
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30.12.2012 16:16

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!!Optical Sensor!!

Saitek’ Cyborg Evo Force 3D Joystick has a fully customizable head and stick so both left- and right-handers can maximize their comfort and playability. The 3 position handle adjusts to fit all hand sizes. The wide base keeps the stick stable during even the most violent flight maneuvers.

The 5 fire buttons, 2 shift buttons and 4 base buttons and dual 8-way hat switches are programmable using the Saitek Smart Technology software. The single spring gimbal mechanism automatically centers the stick. You can also twist the stick for fast, intuitive rudder control.

But the best feature is Immersion’s Touchsense force feedback technology. This lets you feel the wind buffeting your wings, each bullet that you didn’t quite dodge and the recoil from your guns as you shoot the enemy down in revenge.