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Hound of The Far Side

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Hound of The Far Side

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Sularahas, ülekandega
02.01.2013 00:21
Tallinn, Lasnamägi

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Hound of The Far Side is the seventh collection of The Far Side comic strips. All comic strips are in black and white. These are all single shots, not the normal 4 panel comic strips. The Far Side is a humorous comic strip that appeared in a multitude of newspapers daily.

The Far Side became very popular in the early 1980's, and continued into the 1990's, until Gary Larson decided that he was going to retire the comic strip. It was seen daily in hundred of newspapers and enjoyed by millions. The Far Side is just as the name imply...just on the far side of sane. Most of the strips feature humans, but not all. If an animal is the main character, then they are usually placed in the shoes of a human. Most of the Far Side strips deal with the stupid things humans do in every day things. Other strips deals with things that are just totally wacky. Either way, they make fun of us and everything we do. And since it is human nature to laugh at the misfortune of will probably find this comic strip to be very funny.