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Nokia e7

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Nokia e7

110 €
1 tk
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10.01.2013 22:12

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-private auction-

you bid here for one used Nokia E7-00 smartphone with integrated QWERTY keyboard and AMOLED (perfect black) touch screen with gorilla glas (scratch free and almost unbreakable).

some features:
* colour : Dark Grey
* QWERTY physical keyboard - more space on screen while typing with physical keyboard
* keyboard hides behind screen (phone only ca 9mm thick alltogether) for touch screen and one hand usage - like Nokia N8
* 16GB storage space - also accessable as external USB disk to any computer
* possibility to connect USB mouse, USB memory stick or disk and use direct on phone
* 8 mega pixel camera with panorama function !!!
* languages to choose : estonian, russian or english
* use firmware cooker to burn your own firmware to the phone to add your own language or modify files on ROM
* free NOKIA MAPS for GPS navigation (GPS in device)
* real video telephony (via 3G GSM)
* SKYPE; SIP integrated to contact book
* MS Office - view/edit office files
* DLNA to play phone media content (HD-video, pictures, songs) on big TV/Media centre or computer via WLAN
* HDMI output to connect to big LCD screen or projector

all works fine and without problems. no SIM lock.

have fun bidding for it !

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