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Auto õhuionisaator

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Auto õhuionisaator

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28.01.2013 20:40

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What is ionic air purifier ?

An ionic air purifier is one of many air filtration systems available to the public. Generally, anion is an electron — a particle of matter — with a negative or positive charge. When an electron is charged, it will become attracted to other particles with the opposite charge, much like the opposite ends of a magnet. An ionic air purifier therefore uses negatively charged ions to balance the ionic charge of the purified air.

The invention of the ionic air purifier began in Europe in the 1970s. Many people who lived in areas of the continent that experienced trade winds were becoming ill and meteorologists began looking for the cause. As it turned out, the trade winds had high positive ion counts. Exposure to high amounts of positive ions is called Positive Ion Poisoning and can negatively affect breathing, mood, and overall comfort. In order to counteract high positive ion counts in the air, a way to generate negative ions needed to be invented.


Negative ions air cleaner is a device which can improve the indoor air quality by increasing negative ions density.

This mini car air purifier is ideal for helping to remove common airborne allergens in smaller car rooms, which can quickly purify air, eliminates smoke, odor and mold.

This mini car air purifier can create a large amount of anion at suddenly to help you immediately enjoy fresh air.

With the high technique design and good quality material, the car air purifier is durable and reliable for long time use.

Powered directly by car charger, easy and convenient to use.

Help you create a healthy environment and drive away the harmful gas in the car.

The negative ions can affect the levels of serotonin, making us less prone to be anxious and improving our quality of sleep.

Product introduction:

1.super mini type, small volume, 8cm length

2 .conform to American FDA ozones Concentration:0.03 ppm (30 ppb)ION:43000 per cubic inch

3 .won’t waste space, just plug and use, no need wires

4.inserted Neon crystal bulb, can be used as night lamp, to keep safe

5. Aluminum alloy anodization, fashion tone, special design

6. convenient and practical

7. strong performance,can eliminate annoy odd smell

8. Silent designing, won’t disturb you

Cleanse the blood, strengthen the respiratory function!

Promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, alleviate intense sentiment!

Eliminate the positive charge’s stimulation on the human body (such as the trachea and bronchus)!

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