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Chloe L'Eau De Chloe EDT (100ml)

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Chloe L'Eau De Chloe EDT (100ml)

35 €
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04.02.2013 10:37

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L'eau de Chloé 100ml

Variation in the fresh air...

Layers of chiffon in bright sunlight. bare feet brushing long grass. the glow of dawn on the skin. chloé's signature scent opens a new chapter in its story. an aura delicate as a breath of air. like the original fragrance, this unique eau suggests rare elegance and surprising modernity. free, spontaneous, radiant femininity. meet l'eau de chloé…
An iconic bottle...

Shadowing the now familiar silhouette, l'eau de chloé reprises the pure lines of a luxurious glass cube. whereas the bottle of chloé eau de parfum is encased in the lustrous sheen of metal, this new interpretation is revealed through sheer, clear glass. the iconic ribbon, now with a soft green hue, echoes the spring freshness of the fragrance. finished with a silver metal cap, the spray is presented in an aniseed box, with the chloé logo embossed in white.


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