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New Quiet Ace Black edition 750W ATX PSU

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New Quiet Ace Black edition 750W ATX PSU

25 €
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27.02.2013 19:25

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ACE 750w ATX Power Supply Unit

** 6 Pin PCI Express **

This Powerful Unit is from the Ace Quiet Range

Full Retail Kit - Fixing Screws Included
Kept Cool via Massive 120mm Fan for a Quiet Running Cool PSU

Supports the latest technology

Intel's - Core 2 Duo - Core Quad - Core 2 Extreme - Quad Core - i3 - i5 - i7
AMD's Bulldozer - Phenom II - Athlon 64 & Sempron processors
Ideal for power hungry CPU's Single Core - Dual Core - Quad Core - Six Core & Eight Core

Ample Connections For Your Computing Requirements

20/24 Pin - 4 Pin CPU - Molex - Serial ATA (SATA) - PCI-E (PCI - Express)
Suitable for any other peripherals you may have -

This product is fully Backwards Compatible with older Technology

This Power Supply is amazing value for the wide range of features it provides, see for yourself below.
It is quiet and reliable with a huge power output suitable for silent operation in almost any environment and includes many safety circuits for your peace of mind.