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RaceChip, tuning-box, Germany

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RaceChip, tuning-box, Germany

129 €
1 tk
Sularahas, ülekandega
29.03.2016 22:09

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What is RaceChiptuning?
The so-called Chiptuning module or box is an additional plug-in device (additional electronic device), which can be installed in or removed from a car easily without special knowledge.
The module will awake the hidden performance reserves of the respective engine which the manufacturers keep in an average tolerance range when programming the engine management due to the different market requirements worldwide.
So, our Chiptuning can use these reserves, however, without exceeding the real maximum load of the engine.
With its integrated high-performance processor inside the casing, the Chiptuning box optimizes and adjusts the maps and so removes the acceleration control and torque limitations of the engine.
And this is the clearest advantage of Chiptuning with a box:
The serial engine management is not changed as only an additional electronic device is used and all engine protection programmes remain active. This kind of motor tuning can be used for nearly all types of diesel or petrol vehicles.
The chip can be individually adjusted to the customer's requirements with a rotary control switch respectively a jumper strip (depending on the model).
RaceChip - 129,00 EURO
RaceChipPro - 229,00 EURO

When ordering, specify the model of your car.