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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Official UK £5 coin

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Official UK £5 coin

25 €
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15.03.2013 12:57

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Official UK £5 coin

The first coin ever struck to commemorate a Diamond Jubilee
Features two new portraits specially created for 2012
Struck to a higher quality than the coins in your pocket
Set in an informative presentation folder recounting the life and achievements of Her Majesty The Queen

hind 25 eur

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee next year - only the second such Jubilee in Britain’s long history - was a truly historic milestone in the life of the nation.

To celebrate this grand royal occasion, the Royal Mint has struck a beautiful new £5 coin with two new portraits of Her Majesty spanning her long reign.

It is the first coin ever struck to commemorate a Diamond Jubilee - there were no special coins for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 - and is certainly worthy of the occasion.

A must for every collector, the coin, expertly struck and in mint condition, is presented in a specially designed display folder – ideal, too, for street parties and a fabulous souvenir of this special time in our lives.
The Design

The coin designs have been largely inspired by the commemorative medal struck for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee which married the Old Head coinage portrait with the Young Head.

Both have been created by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, exclusively for this very special coin. The obverse, reminiscent of his own sculpture created for the Supreme Court building in Parliament Square, features a faithful portrait of The Queen as she is today, crowned and wearing the robes of the Order of the Garter. The reverse bears a portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth just as she appeared on her first coinage with decorative leaves reminiscent of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee medal. In another link to the coinage of Victoria, the latin words DIRIGE DEUS GRESSUS MEOS (May God Guide My Steps) which appeared on the gold £5 coin of 1839, completes the design.

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