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Parkimisandurid, uued

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Parkimisandurid, uued

25 €
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17.03.2013 12:26

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• 100% new and high quality
• Fully tinted display window, three tones color LED display
• Double CPU, Self-test function, Voice indicator
• Left and right LED indicator with 2 digit display, audible alarm, easy to install
• This Parking Sensor system will help you to avoid those costly backup collisions that happen so easily. The more important, it can help save the life of a small child. Once installed, the system will automatically turns on when you put your doing reverse. If an object is detected while backing up, the system omits audible beeps, as well as shows the distance on the monitor telling you the distance from the object
• The car parking sensor will fit any make of car or vehicle, van, caravan, trailer and horse boxes. So that is a parking sensor for any vehicle - your vehicle, anywhere in the world operational in all conditions
• Rate voltage:12V
• Operation Voltage range:9-16V
• Rated Current:20-200mA
• Detecting distance:0-2.5m
• Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz
• Working temperature:-30~+70°C
• Display working temperature:-30~+60°C
• Main Box Dimension:96mm x 75mm x 25mm
• Color: Black

Attention: When you receive the item, please detect it before installation. If it is normal before installing, and abnormal after inserting to your car. please do not have dubious of our item. There are strong Frequency Interference from your other device in car, and the item can not work normally. So we suggest that you should use a filter to keep the frequency stable.

• LED display monitor x 1
• Main control box x 1
• Parking sensor x 4
• Power cable x 1
• 22mm drill x 1
• User Manual (in English) x 1
• Double-face sticker x 1

tel. 56566004