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Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer

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Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer

250 €
1 tk
Sularahas, ülekandega
17.05.2013 11:23
Haapsalu, Läänemaa

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16-track sequencer.
829 voices (128 GM Voices, 1 GM kit,
654 synth Voices, 46 drum kits).
32-voice polyphonic sound source.
16-part multitimbrality.
60 preset Styles.
50 user Style memories.
8 real-time control knobs.
Large LCD with four associated
display knobs.
3.5-inch SMF-compatible
floppy disk drive.
Real-time Grid Grooves and control
of Play Effects.
Mute Group memory.
Real-time switching of patterns
with micro-keyboard.
Low boost with 24dB range.
Tap BPM entry using Tap
Tempo button.
Footswitch functions: start, stop,
cycling through patterns in a Style;
sustain; duplicates function of Tap
Tempo button.
MTC compatible