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MP3 проигрыватель

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MP3 проигрыватель

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01.12.2012 01:21

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This MP3 player, USB Hard Disk Drive, and Digital Voice Recorder gives you the functionality of both a dedicated PC-compatible storage device and a high spec, super compact digital music player.
It's a high quality digital music player!

The Ultimate Digital Music Player has 256MB of built-in memory, enough for over 4 hours of MP3 music. Simply transfer your music files across from any USB-compatible PC.
It's a high capacity USB hard drive!

The Ultimate Digital Music Player is an instantly recognised plug'n'play device in Windows XP - just drag and drop your music and data files into it. It's a piece of cake to use.
It's a digital voice recorder!

With up to 36 hours of recording time, the possibilities are endless.

The Ultimate Digital Music Player - Main Features:

Plays over 4 hours of MP3 music
Blue backlit multi-line LCD
Displays ID3 track details and player settings
Adjustable equalizer with pre-sets
Multiple play modes (Random, Repeat, etc)
Digital Voice Recorder function (up to 36 hours recording time)
High quality stereo earphones
Easily transfer audio and data files between multiple computers (compatible with computers with USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports running Windows XP, 98 SE, 2000)
USB transfer cable and driver disc included
Volume Control
“Hold” Control to prevent accidental button operation
Over 12 hours of continuous playback with just one AAA battery (included)
Easy to use
Attractively styled with high quality design
Non-skip play
Comprehensive user manual

This digital music player is totally customisable too, meaning you can quickly and easily alter everything from the “splash” graphic displayed at boot-up, to the length of time the player takes to auto-shut down after a period of inactivity.

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