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GSM домофон. GSM контроллер

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GSM домофон. GSM контроллер

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18.07.2013 11:37

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GSM контроллер с функцией вызова с панели. Открытие калитки или ворот. НОВЫЙ!!!
Очень дешево! (аналогичный комплект в другой фирме 418 €)


The Link GSM Doorphone can be notified when someone is at your door, to talk with him from anywhere, and trigger the opening of the door using a key combination.

You can also open your door remotely by calling the Link GSM DoorPhone, your number is recognized after a tone, the call is reject and the door opens. (So the call is absolutely FREE for you!)

The administrator may be notified by SMS of any opening attempt including a phone number, date and time.

The Link Doorphone GSM is easy to install, only one SIM card and power supply are necessary.In case of power failure, a backup battery allows door phone to operate during 24 hours.


Quick and easy installation
Low cost of installation: requires no more cable pull, or telephones
Up to 3 telephone numbers per button
Remote opening
Notification and remote control by SMS


◊1 button : Each button can call up to 3 phone numbers. The numbers are dialled progressively when previous dialled number is busy.
◊ 2 inputs : Connect an alarm, sensors ... If a trigger input (short circuit), the Link GSM Doorphone alerts you by SMS.
◊ 2 relays – The 2 relays may be triggered by code during the conversation, calling the door phone or by SMS.
◊ Configuration available by sofware, SMS and mobile.GDI)