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Motorpaat Lotta 460

Kuulutuse number: 1946422

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Motorpaat Lotta 460

1 450 €
1 tk
Sularahas, ülekandega
27.05.2014 19:56
Riga, Ķekava

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News boat model - Lotta 460! Super high quality boat, ideal for anglers, as well as recreation. This model can be used for up to 20zs engine. Fisherman comfortable and be able to take a full-fledged, if necessary, a lying position in the boat. Boat is fast and easily removable step. The front part of the boat is uzmodelēta so that the front Hulk is very wide and it will be convenient for both sitting and standing up fishing. Running against the tide will be very soft in the front part of the keel is sharp compared to the other boats. For more information on this model will give when calling within us!

Parameters - Length 4.60 Width 1.60