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Audio ev, qsc, jbl

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Audio ev, qsc, jbl

4 300 €
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22.04.2013 10:12

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Huge, high quality pro sound system for sale. At picture one side shown. 4 Top cabinets with Electro Voice S-152 (15" + 1") speaker systems, 6 Bass cabinets (EV TL-4025 copy): 4 of them with McCauley 6000 series speakers (15") inside, other two with JBL 2226H (15") speakers inside. One QSC EX4000 and one QSC EX2500 amplifier, DBX DriveRack PA processor. All necessary cables.Good quality powerful system for middle size halls or outside use. Total output power in normal mode - 4300 watts. Flexibe - could be combined to work on 2+2 (1600 W) or 4+4 speakers (3200 W). Price shown for whole system. Too expencive? We can discuss about it. Also can be sold by parts. Additionaly to it for additional price i can sell other my own equipment - all necessary things to set up disco club or work on tours: light system, monitor speaker system, vinyl, cd dj players, mixer, radio mic. All system can be loaded in the middle size van (MB Sprinter or VW LT). It can be set up by 2 peoples in 2 hours. System are located in Latvia. Please use russian or english language in e-mails or calls.