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B M W ......´+ ... Digital music changer, ipod usb sd

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B M W ......´+ ... Digital music changer, ipod usb sd

130 €
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29.04.2013 16:21
Tallinn paldiski mnt 191,tel.5222221

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B M W   ---     ORIGINAL    ------     30 EUR.

.. Digital music changer, ipod usb sd   ----    99  EUR.


USB/SD/AUX MP3 Adapter is full-featured solution to connect, play and control MP3/WMA music via car radio panel, without FM Transmitter control. 
Combining USB slot, SD/SDHC/MMC slot, and AUX IN slot, it provides car owners access to vast audio sources. 
Acted as a converter of "Entertainment Source", it can make travel more entertaining and increase peace of mind. 

* Connected with wire harness, not FM signal controlled, high quality sound guaranteed 
* Controlled by car Head Unit, support Steering Wheel operation 
* With imported Decoding Chip, perfectly support MP3 and WMA music tracks 
* Supports SD/SDHC/MMC Card/USB Stick/Card Reader/Hard Disk 
* Supports external audio source (MP3, MP4, PSP, mobile phone) via AUX IN slot 
* Playlist function same as multi CDs 
* Support last position memory(LPM) 
* Shock proof and electromagnetic interference proof 
* Easy to install, without hurting the original car circuit 

* No battery required 

* Able to work together with existing CD Changer 

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