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01.05.2013 10:14

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TRIKEIDEA-is a mobile business of the wheels!

We offer to buy an up-and-coming business together with an experience. We worked in this mobile coffee business for several years, thus we have a very good knowledge of this business, we have expertise and experience, and we can provide with useful advice, trade secrets. Coffee market is growing very rapidly, the demand is increasing, significant investment is not necessary and the profit is guaranteed! +37068221607COFFEE SMART CARS

Fully equipped coffee car with gas powered Italian coffee machine ASTORIA of 2 groups. The coffee SMART car is installed in a way it could make coffee without external power sources (it means you will not need additional electricity, water supply or sewer connection). The coffee machine heats up from gas. Thus the coffee SMART car is very flexible and mobile. Trading can be done in the best places: near the sea, at the events, in parks, busy people gathering places, crossings, subway stations, shopping centers.

The efficiency of the equipment per hour: about/above 250-300 cups of coffee can be made per hour when working at a maximum work load

The complete set of coffee SMART car includes:

·         SMART car;

·         Banner design;

·         A new Italian gas powered coffee machine of TWO groups, as well as other necessary equipment;

·         We can install a table, trash bin, banner stand, as well as other particularities, to fully install a workplace;

·         Production – installation works;

·         The coffee machine will work as autonomous coffee maker that does not require any external power, water and sewer connection.

 Other makes of cars can be used, such as A class Mercedes, VW Lupo, Nisan Micra and others.