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Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach for Face & Body

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Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach for Face & Body

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01.05.2013 16:00

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Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach for Face & Body

Lightens unwanted hair fast!

You can lighten dark, unwanted facial hair so it blends beautifully into your natural skin tone making unwanted hair virtually invisible! Dermatologist Tested and Salon Tested.

Quickly and effectively lightens even the darkest, most stubborn hair so it blends beautifully into your own skin tone. Lighten hair on face, arms, legs... wherever dark hair is a problem. The results are so natural, no one will notice you're using it.

Easy to use
Smooth, no-drip formula mixes easily
Consistent results every time
With soothing, moisturizing aloe vera
Delicate, sweet almond scent
Exclusive pre-conditioner helps prepare and protect skin
Salon and dermatologist tested
Fast yet gentle formula

Creme: net wt. 1.5 oz
Activator: net wt. 0.75 oz
Pre-Conditioner: 1 fl oz
Mixing cup

Application Tips
Creme Hair Bleach for Face & Body is the easiest way to lighten unwanted facial and body hair. Wash and dry the area to be bleached. Following the instructions in the package, scoop one heaping spatula full of Activator onto the included mixing tray. After washing and drying the spatula, measure two heaping spatulas full of Creme Bleach onto the tray. Use spatula to mix together until thoroughly blended. Apply to the area to be bleached, covering all hair completely. Leave mixture on for 8 minutes. Wash mixture off with cool water when finished. If needed, mixture can be reapplied for 5 more minutes. Dispose of any remaining mixture and thoroughly clean mixing tray and applicator when finished.



Smooth, no-drip formula mixes fast and easily

Gentle formula with comforting Aloe Vera

Consistent results every time

Sweet almond scent