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Full DJ Vinyl set for beginners with Numark TT200

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Full DJ Vinyl set for beginners with Numark TT200

500 €
1 tk
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09.05.2013 18:51

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DJ turntables for beginners for sale. Used rarely. Some years ago I wanna be a DJ, but my 
In set: 
- 2x DJ vinyl turntables Numark TT200 with wires, grounds and slipmats 
- DJ mixer Alto MX-30 – top of Alto mixers, 3 channel, with bult-in mic-preamp 
- 2x Numark CC1 needles, integrated with cartriges, universal. Fits for scratches and mixes. Have been used for 4 months very rare. Bought separately. 
All the complete set in perfect condition with boxes and manuals. One turntable has a manual and empty replaceable cartridge for other needles. A photo is real. 
Also I’ve got some plates, some of it I can sell with the set. Most of plates is a techno. 

Bonus! Free book “How to DJ Properly” in perfect condition (20Eurot costs), never used. 

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