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How to DJ properly. The Art and Science of Playing Records

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How to DJ properly. The Art and Science of Playing Records

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09.05.2013 18:54

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Perfect condition. Like new. Bought on Amazon. 

Product Description 
Today, everyone wants to be a DJ. Playing records isn't rocket science, but there's a universe of difference between doing it and doing it well. DJing is like modelling: most people could have a stab at it, some can earn money doing it, but only a very few can become supermodels. This guide both forms an introduction for the complete novice who wants a pair of Technics turntables for Christmas and contains enough advice and advanced instruction to be valuable to more experienced DJs. It aims to shatter some illusions about the dance industry and ofer in return some explanation of the true rewards of the DJ's craft. The book includes advice on a range of topics, from illustrated tutorials on mixing techniques and styles, tips on buying the right equipment and records, advice from superstar DJs, plus how to make your own tracks and how to throw the best party. Now all you need is to get out of your bed and do it.