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Yamaha DJX-IIB Groovebox

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Yamaha DJX-IIB Groovebox

50 €
1 tk
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22.05.2013 14:16
Haapsalu, Läänemaa

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The DJX-IIB is a DJ studio in a box with a unique CD-style controller that adds "scratching" to any of the built-in patterns. 70 cutting edge dance grooves with 10 variations each, and new electronic sounds give the unit a fresh sound. An audio BPM counter makes it easy to sync to external audio sources like CDs. A DJ-type fader makes it possible to mix patterns and scratch effects on the fly. Guitar strap grommets on the back allow musicians to wear the unit and perform with it, and synthesizer-type analog knobs allow for hands-on control of cutoff and resonance. MIDI In/Out function can be used to time lock to other MIDI devices. The DJX-IIB is designed for DJs looking for a fresh sound in a small package.