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iPod/iPhone 4/4s dokkimisjaam, HDMI, puldiga

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iPod/iPhone 4/4s dokkimisjaam, HDMI, puldiga

20 €
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14.06.2013 09:23

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Docking station - charges your iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 3G/3GS
Light-weight, portable iPhone docking station - great for the home, office or to take on that summer vacation.
Listen to your music on your Hi-Fi. Watch your iPhone video content on your TV
Designed to physically support your iPhone that is placed on it, to raise its screen up to a more ergonomic height, provide cooling, or just to conserve desk space.
With a handy remote control you can operate the iPhone Dock from wherever you are in the room. Sit back and control your iPod or iPhone without having to leave your chair!
Compatible with both iPhone 4S/4 and iPhone 3Gs/3G
NB> The "I Want It" Docking station is not a speaker dock through which music can be played