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E-sigarett 6-in-1 800mAh

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E-sigarett 6-in-1 800mAh

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18.06.2013 16:54

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itaste vv is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage vv personal vaporizer that lets you adjust the voltage in seconds with just a few button press. Now you can dial-in the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid.
  • It can be adjusted from 3.3-5.0 volts in 1 volt increments
  • Built-in two digit display, you can dial in the voltage and change modes right on the device
  • The itaste vv threads to almost popular cartomizer/atomizers threads on the market
  • It monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged
  • The battery utilizes advanced capacity display via green, yellow and red LED lights
  • Uses a built in dc port, you can recharge it with USB retractable DC cable
  • The puffer accounter will show you how many puffs inhaled
  • The CE4 atomizer with spring can't change the heating core
Peripheral Type E-Cigarette
Color Black
Material Metal
Charger Style USB / AC
Electronic Components
Resistance 3.0 Ohm
Power & Batteries
Battery Capacity (Mfg Rated) 800 mAh
Battery Type Rechargeable
Input Type AC 100-240V
Output Type DC 5V
Plug Type Euro
Power Adapter Included Yes
Package Type Retail
Package Contents 1*itaste VV Battery, 2*Atomizers, 1*USB Cable, 1*Empty Bottle, 1*Euro Adapter
Dimensions us | metric
Cable Length 68 cm
Depth 15 mm
Height 169 mm
Width 15 mm
Liquid Volume 1.6 ml
Product Weight 61 g