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Laste rannajalatsid VikingKids

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Laste rannajalatsid VikingKids

11 €
1 tk
Sularahas, ülekandega
09.07.2013 12:55

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Müüa laste rannajalatsid VikingKids
Suurus: 26-27
Sissetald: 16 sm
Väga mugavad, heas korras, ainult kaks korda kasutatud rannas.

Toote info:

Sturdy and comfortable beach shoes for children

These lovely little shoes for swimming, watersports and playing on the beach will protect delicate little feet
 from rocks, shells and other sharp objects, and will make walking across hot sand a much more pleasant

Made in neoprene with mesh to let air and water through,
the shoes are soft and flexible and very comfortable to swim in.
They are easy to put on and take off, thanks to a clever little handle at the back and a velcro strap
which also ensures a perfect fit. The rubber sole is designed to provide a good grip, and the shoes work
equally well indoors, for example around a hotel...

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