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Lego konstruktor Star Wars Sõjaväe komplekt 75133, uus

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Lego konstruktor Star Wars Sõjaväe komplekt 75133, uus

10 €

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  • Lisatud 13.08.2016 20:39

Kasutamata Lego konstruktor: Star Wars "75133"

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Material: plastic
Type of game fiction
The number of parts 101 PCs
Number of characters 4 PCs
The connection block
Moving parts (mechanics)
The size of the finished toy 40x60x160 mm
Packing size 191x141x46 mm

The rebel Alliance boldly rushes into battle against the military forces of the galactic Empire. This brave heroes apply not only their blasters, but powerful jetpacks that allows you to fly up to the sky and fire on enemy positions. In addition, excellent support of infantry is the high-speed speeder. Its body is made of brown-gray elements, invisible against a sandy landscape of the planet. The front has two stabilizatory rod terminating in movable triangular blades. In obedience to the controls, they are able to change their position and serve as a rudder. The Central part of the design takes the pilot's seat, equipped with two controllers and the dashboard. Behind the pilot's seat, back to back, is arranged a platform for the arrow. Its main task is to protect the rear of the speeder from Imperial pursuers. He is assisted in this powerful Blaster gun with movable prop. Also during combat you can use additional the implement is located to the right of the pilot.

The LEGO set 75133 You'll find details for creating a high-speed speeder the rebels, as well as 4 minifigures, weapons, jet packs and armor.