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Autokeretööde spotter, alumiinium, teras

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Autokeretööde spotter, alumiinium, teras

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  • Lisatud 08.05.2017 11:09

Automatic car body repair system for aluminum,steel and stainless steel car body repairing


Automatic car body repair system(For Steel car body)


BX-2014 is a complete dent pulling kit for steel car body, indispensible for dent pulling of small, medium, and big chocks. Remove dents without disassembling. Repair without replacing. Reduce the down-time. Increase your margin. Increase your productivity.


Technical datas:


Power supply:  110V/220V/380V 50/60Hz

Rated power:  3.1KVA

Max current: 2800A

Loading voltage: 1-13V

Welding control: Electronic timing 

Welding time:   0-99S

Thickness:  0.8+1.0MM

Welding type:  Automatic

Cable length: 2M+2M