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Auto istmekate tagaiste uus

Kuulutuse number: 8918865

Auto istmekate tagaiste uus

29.90 €

  • Maksmine Sularahas, ülekandega
  • Taotle järelmaksu
  • Asukoht Tallinn
  • Lisatud 10.07.2019 16:54

Kontakt: 56484690

Carrying pets in a car allows them to be integrated into everyday life. Whether on a family trip on the weekend or a short drive to the more distant park, the four-legged friends would like to be there. However, dogs leave a lot of hair while sitting on the back seat or in the trunk. After a long walk in the woods, there is a lot of dirt or mud. So that the passenger compartment is not totally filthy afterwards, you should protect it accordingly. Our protective cover for your car is a good solution and allows the fast and trouble-free transport of the dog at any time. Our mat is impermeable to water, so no moisture on the seats or on the fabric cover. The entire dirt remains in the mat, this can be cleaned very easily later.

The mounting of the cover is very easy, there are enough clips and small hooks available. These allow hanging on the headrests, the side panels can also be fixed very well. These zippers can be folded outwards after opening the door, thus protecting your seat cover from the sharp claws of the dogs. The edition works like a small playpen in the vehicle, this can be very easily unfold. At no time does the four-legged friend come into contact with the rear seat or the interior lining of the doors. The front integrated safety net allows the dogs to look forward, but also you have the four-legged at any time in sight. The special recesses in the material allow you to secure your dog via the buckles and the corresponding harness (not included).


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