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Diagnostikaseade AUTOCOM CDP+ (2020)

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Diagnostikaseade AUTOCOM CDP+ (2020)

1 528 €

  • Lisatud 15.01.2021 11:10

Vahetus vana professionaalne diagnostikaseade, kaasa arvatud võlts seade (Autocom, Delphi ja muud) --> uus model originaal AUTOCOM CDP+ koos tarkvara versioon 2020, väga erilise hinnaga!

Lühike kirjeldus:

AUTOCOM CDP+ on professionaalne diagnostikaseade, millega on võimalik:

- Lugeda / kustutada konkreetsest valmistajast sõltuvaid veakoode
- Teostada hooldusvälba nullimist
- Lugeda konkreetsest valmistajast sõltuvaid reaalajas andmeid
- Teostada aktiveerimist, reguleerimist ja kodeerimist
- Kasutada ära kogu eOBD-funktsionaalsust
- saab varustada CARSi ja / või TRUCKSi tarkvara.

Tootja: AUTOCOM (Rootsi)
Ametlik esindaja Autocom, Diagtools LTD

Lisateabe saamiseks vaadake palun meie veebisaiti  või võtke meiega igal ajal ühendust, meil on hea meel teid aidata.


Exchange your any professional diagnostic equipment, including cloned/pirated equipment like Autocom, Delphi and many others to a brand new, original Autocom CDP+ including latest software subscription 2020 (CARS or/and TRUCKS) with warranty and support from official distributor.

Special offer!

€ 1,528.93 without VAT

€ 1,850 with VAT


- Professional diagnostic equipment with full coverage, including options like tests, coding and adaptation.
- Built-in Help function with many tips, hints and information.
- Wide range cover of CARS (cars and light commercial vehicles) with over 60 brands, starting from 1980's years till present day and further, 2019, 2020....
- Wide range cover of TRUCKS (trucks, trailers, buses and commercial vehicles) with over 80 brands, starting from 1980's years till present day and further, 2019, 2020....
- ISS (Intelligent System Scan).
- ISI (Intelligent System Identification)
- FLIGHT RECORDER (With the fight recorder function, you can record parameters in real time while you are driving a vehicle. During recording, you can, with a press of a button, highlight the specific error so that you can investigate the detected error at a later time. CDP+ is equipped with built-in memory thus removing the need to bring a computer)
- OBD connector with LED light, for easy detection diagnostic socket in the car.
- Multi color LED Indicator, showing you status of the scanner.
- Warring Sound.
- Durable housing of industrial performance.
- Built-in connection via Bluetooth (up to 30m) or USB.
- Very intuitive software with many language support ​​(including English, Russian, Finnish, Polish and many more).
- Ability to add software for Cars / Trucks and adapters whenever you need (or buy a complete set only for the light vehicles or trucks).
- Ability to add online database INFO SYSTEM in three different versions.


- Official Warranty.
- Warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.
- Consultations on operating and our technical support.
- Support from manufacturer directly.
- Help with diagnosis and short training / demonstration.

For more information, please contact us anytime or visit our website, we'll be glad to assist you.

Official Autocom distributor, Diagtools LTD.


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