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Odomeetri näidu muutmise seade VW, Audi, Seat

Odomeetri näidu muutmise seade VW, Audi, Seat

50 €


Odomeetri näidu muutmise seade 1995-2004 aasta VW, Audi ja Seatile. Lisaks saab lugeda välja immo pin koodi VAG ja Opel autodel. Kõik käib OBD pistiku kaudu, midagi pole vaja lahti võtta ega joota.

Ostu saate vormistada aadressil: www.autogun.ee

VAG Tacho USB + Opel Immo Pin Code Reader
This cable is both for VAG and Opel, when it is connected to the VAG TACHO USB 2.2 software, it works as VAG TACHO USB cable, when it is connected to Opel Immo Pin code Reader, it works as Pin code reader.

For VAG:

Bosch/Motometer dashes for VW 2001-2003 years V07.04, V07.05, V07.08, V07.13 (with scan for 2'nd pass)
Audi A4,A6,A8 separate immo box 1994-1999 read PIN code,and read/write eeprom!

Audi A3,A4,A6,TT, New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (1998-2003 year) read PIN code / change mileage!
New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (2001 to 2005 year) read PIN code
Almost all VDO dashes for VW/Seat/Skoda up to year 2004 read/write eeprom!
Almost all VDO dashes for Audi up to year 2001 read/write eeprom!
Almost all MotoMeter dashes for VW/Seat up to year 2001 read/write eeprom!
Automatic functions: Change mileage, Read PIN code !
All this by using car OBD connector! Without disassembly dash or immo box from car!
Commands For VAG:
Select ECU from Menu File : User can save and read files to / from program memory xxxxx Any Tacho button Connect Selected ECU, Read Info, Read PIN, Change Mileage, Stop Action, Read eeprom, Program New Key, Disconnect View memory buffer, Write eeprom, Clear ECU errors

For Opel:Immo1 & Immo2 supported up to year 2004 Manual for programming new keys. User can program up to 5 diferent keys to an immobiliser. How to do this: Insert new key, and switch ignition ON. Connect to immobilizer. Enter correct PIN code. Press "Prog New Key "Message 'Reading xxxxx' will be displayed on screen. After successful procedure there will be a message: 'Key programmed! 'Wait 10 seconds and turn ignition OFF. Turn ON ignition with same key, and wait until yellow indicator lamp on car dash stop flashing, and ligth on continiously. Start the car to test new key. If the indicator lamp continue flashing, this means that transponder is notcompatible to this car or engine ECU, try to program other transponder.




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