Rii RT-MWK01 2.4G Wireless Keyboard w/ TrackPad

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Rii RT-MWK01 2.4G Wireless Keyboard w/ TrackPad

15 €

  • Lisatud 20.01.2021 21:20

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Model: Rii RT-MWK01

- Working frequency: 2.4GHz

- Operation distance: 10m (32.8feet)

- Power saving technology: switching to power saving mode automatically when non-working

- USB 2.0 receiver


- Built-in rechargeable battery for 4 hours usage with 10 hours fully charged

- Has a mini touchpad allowing you to take control of the mouse pointer

- The pad works both vertically and horizontally

- Features include a laser pointer so you can use the Rii for skipping through slides and pointing on slides when needed


Kuulutuse number: 7301892

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