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Uus Midland G7-PRO Military raadiosaatja

Kuulutuse number: 7111014

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Uus Midland G7-PRO Military raadiosaatja

82 €

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  • Kogus 1 tk
  • Kohaletoimetamine Järeletulemine, Omniva, muu kohaletoimetamise viis
  • Asukoht Tallinn
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Telefon : +372 505 9196 est /eng

телефон: +372 520 9266 рус

E-mail: epood@kodukaubad.ee



The maximum range depends on the terrain conditions and is the largest open space flat area.

All obstacles, such as trees, hills, buildings, affect its limitation.

Particularly unfavorably, radio waves propagate inside complex metal structures and inside the car.

The average range in the city among buildings and obstacles does not exceed 1 or 2 Km.

In poorly built-up areas with single trees reachable range is 4-6 Km.

In the open area, there is a distance between antennas, such as in the mountains, for a distance of 12 km and more.

Features and possibilities:

Frequency: LPD 443 MHz and PMR 446 MHz

Vibration alert

Backlit LCD display

Low battery indicator

Energy saving mode

38 tones of CTCSS5 paging signals

Automatic noise blocking


Keyboard lock

Power regulation (PMR)

Roger Beep


Accessory / charging socket

Examples of functions:

VOX The VOX function allows you to turn on the voice transmission without having to press the button

Roger Beep This is a confirmation of the end of the transmission – a short sound is sent

Calling CALL You can send a short audible alarm to everyone on the same channel and within communication range by pressing the PTT key twice quickly

SCAN Scanner is a function of periodic search of all 8 PMR channels

Technical data:


The number of channels 8 PMR446 band

Frequency range: 446.00625 to 446.99775 MHz

Number of channels 69 LPD band

Frequency range: 433.07500 – 434.77500 MHz

Frequency control: PLL phase loop

Working temperature range From -25 ° C to +55 ° C

4x AA power supply, 6V type (batteries) +/- 10% VDC

Built-in antenna

Weight: 123 g (without battery)


Reception system: superheterodyne with double frequency conversion

Sensitivity 0.35 uV for 12 dB SINAD

Inter-channel spacing: 12.5 kHz LPD and 25 kHz PMR

Intermediate frequency: 21.4 MHz and 455 kHz

Channel separation: 70 dB

Audio output power: Min. 3.0 W @ 8 Ohms

Audio distortion: less than 3% @ 1 KHz


Output power: 0.5W PMR 0.1W LPD

Modulation: FM: 1.8 KHz ± 0.2 KHz

Frequency response: 500 Hz ÷ 3 kHz


Socket for external microphone and 2.5 mm stereo charger

A socket for a 3.5 mm mono speaker

This version is sold in individual pieces .


The set includes:

1 Radiotelephone Midland G7PRO Military

1 Clip (belt clip)

1 Charger for a wall outlet

4 RL6 batteries

Charging takes place via the headphone jack.


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