Новинка Моторная лодка Lotta 430

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Новинка Моторная лодка Lotta 430

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  • Оплата Наличные, банковский перевод
  • Местонахождение Riga, Ķekava
  • Добавлено 22.02.2014 16:32

“Lotta 430” - very stable, safe, trimaran boat . “Lotta 430” trimaran boat size and type allows you to allocate more stable and secure boat category. The boat is equally safe traucoties against the waves, or stationary feet moving around the boat. Boats are width, height, conveniently located seats, front and side walls, a separate compartment of anchor placement. Three wedges, which are located beneath the floor of the boat enables its users, while driving, keep a stable of running direction. It is suitable for fishing and spinning, photography, boat while standing up. Used for recreation and hunting for work, life guards and military purposes, feelings security and stability. The boat is safe and wide. It is possible to install both the electric motor and engine bendzīna to 15 z / s capacity. With 15 z / s capacity motor boat launching move, bow, light, slight rises. From the middle of the keel and outboard wedges under the boat develops air bag, which allows it to rapidly pick up speed and conditioning process. Front, middle and rear seats are located in the air tanks, wedges are filled with foam and the boat can not sink. Security checks at the time the boat is filled with water and the driver is in it, the boat can not sink. Technical data: Length: 430 cm Width: 155 cm Depth: 0. 52 m Weight: 89 kg Capacity: 450 kg Number of seats: 4 Engine: up to 15 z / s www.lotta.lv

Zvoņote po nomeru +371 220 611 91

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