2 EURO 2015. Monaco. 800th Anniversary FORTERESSE CASTLE

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More than 20,000 years ago, the rock of Monaco was already inhabited.

Until the year 1215 different population groups exchanged control over this strategic area.

In 1215 the first fortress was built by the Grimaldi's. They were also expelled but after a time they returned.

From 1215 to the present day the Grimaldi's are still the heads of state of Monaco.

The foundations of the 1215 fortress are still part of the Palace of Monaco which is occupied by the Grimaldi's.

To commemorate the construction of the fortress 800 years ago Monaco has issued a very rare and special 2 Euro coin.

On the coin is an image of the first fortress that was built on the rock of Monaco. At the top of the coin is the country name Monaco.

At the bottom of the coin is the text "1215 Fondation de la forteresse 2015". In the outer ring of the coin are the 12 stars of Europe.

The coin is presented in a luxury package and is supplied with a certificate. The issue of this coin is only 10,000 copies.


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