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4Moms Origami Stroller коляска

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4Moms Origami Stroller коляска

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30.04.2013 10:32

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Four-wheel suspension


Four cup holders - two handlebar and two in the seat

Four back pockets and large removable hanging bag provides plenty of room for all your gear.

Simply adjust the seat belt in Origami stand 72 ° to 40 ° comfortably Biased

Suitcases style pull wheels


Safety Features:


Child lock sensors: We've heard it before: he did not eat my baby? Do not be afraid: Origami is strictly vegetarian. Built-in sensors mean it will not fold with child seat and obstacle detection software means that it stops when the layout, if there is nothing to

Pathway and Daytime Running Lights: Come rain or come up with a complete and utter darkness, Origami is easy to see. DRL is clearly visible for the drivers and track lighting for roads in low light condition

Two-stage Fold: So you're not doing it by accident, folding the Origami takes two (easy) steps: turn the activation ring, then press the button. There is also a hidden lock to thwart those curious toddlers.

Reflective piping: Origami is the reflective piping adds to the stroller's visibility at night and glows like a halo in photos taken at the right angle. Safe and fun!

Zero Pinch Points: Origami was designed to minimize pinch points. It folds by telescoping in and out (nothing folds over or snaps together) and the handle, seat ring, and your feet are against crooked that nothing could be caught, even when folded. From frame sunshade that safety belts, safety Origami was little arms, legs, fingers and toes in mind.

Low-Force Motor: About the size of D-cell battery, Origami car has as much power as those that automate sliding minivan doo

One-Push Brake: Lock or unlock both wheels with a single click, just like a pen.

Sunroof: Peek-a-boo window? How sunroof? Keep an eye on your child, if your umbrella is opened or closed.



Wheelbase: 32 long, 28 cm wide rear

Front handlebars: 41 inches tall height: 39 cm

Closed Size: 38 "L x 21" W x 14 "H

Stroller Weight: 29 pounds.


Weight and age limits:

Origami folding ring: £ 40 (usually about two years)

With the Origami stroller: 25 pounds, or until your child to sit unassisted (usually around 6 months)

Origami with a car seat adapter: follow the weight and age limits of your specific car seat


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