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BMW Inspection Oil Service Reset Tool (OBD)

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BMW Inspection Oil Service Reset Tool (OBD)

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05.06.2013 17:40
Tallinn, Lasnamae

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Product Feature: 

Professional Inspection and Oil Service Reset Tool for Old BMW built in 1982-2001 with 20 pin diagnostic socket located in the engine compartment. 


Cable Length: 30cm 

Item Weight: 125g 

Reset Inspection and Oil Service. 

Compatible Vehicles: BMW 1982 - 2001. 

Small, lightweight, and portable. 

Plug & Play, easy to use, no batteries needed. 

Small, lightweight, and portable. 

Easy to use, no additional equipment or software required. 

How to use: 

Plug it in with the ignition off. 

When the lights on the unit remain lit, turn the ignition on but do not start the engine 

Press the button on the function you wish to reset. 

The lights will all turn on to indicate success. 

Some models need the inspection reset before the oil service will reset. 

Tel.: 55645579