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Kruger & Matz DJ-003 dj контроллер

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Kruger & Matz DJ-003 dj контроллер

235 €

Содержит НДС

  • Количество 1 шт
  • Доставка Самовывоз, Omniva, другой способ доставки
  • Местонахождение Tallinn
  • Добавлено 12.12.2017 16:12

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The 2-channel DJ-003 controller is currently the most advanced device in this segment, included in the brand’s offer. 16 pads, section 14 potentiometers, 8 effects, signal control indicator, numerous inputs and outputs, plus Virtual DJ software. Create, mix, add effects, enjoy sound! Let your imagination run wild and feel like a professional DJ, using all the possibilities that DJ-003 gives you.

Thanks to the DJ Kruger & Matz controller you will gain unlimited creation possibilities, so important in your everyday work. On both sides of the panel, there are 8 rubber buttons for which the Hot cue, Sampler, Loop and Slicer functions have been assigned and which will flicker during operation. In addition, the device has a 3-band equalizer, gain control and filter effect, providing freedom to control the sound frequency.

DJ-003 also impresses with its diversity of ports. The front of the controller has a microphone input, two headphone inputs and a 4-channel audio interface. On the back of the device you can find an XLR output, power supply and USB input as well as several RCA outputs: Master, Booth and Record as well as two line inputs for RCA cables, allowing you to connect a CD player or turntable with PHONO / LINE switch. Excellent functionality has been closed in a solid, metal housing in matt black.


Number of channels: 2

Features: crossfader, hot cue, loop, sampler, slicer, 8 effects, eqaualizer, gain control, filter effect, tempo control

Próbkowanie: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/196 kHz

Bit resolution: 24 bit

Inputs / outputs: headphones, microphone, balanced XLR

Software: Virtual DJ

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 / Win7 / WinXP / Win8

Power supply: USB / AC adapter (5 V, 1 A)

Dimensions: 458 x 310 x 63 mm


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