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Tallinn, Lasnamäe


Custom Design: DJI Avata Case Designed for DJI Avata Pro-View Combo(DJI Goggles 2), DJI Avata Drone, Motion Controller, Battery Charging Hub, Filters, Propellers, etc. (Not Compatible with Goggles V2)

High Quality: DJI Avata Case with One-piece Design Inner Tray and High-grade PU Material Shell Protects Your DJI Avata Fly More Kit from Scratches, Bumps and Rainy.

Unique Design: Mesh Pocket and Elastic Band Available for DJI Avata Propellers, Camera Cover, Filters, Cables, Lanyard, Memeory Cards and Some Other Accessories, Make Sure They Can Be Reliably Fixed.

Easy to Carry: Avata Case with Small Size and Light Weight. Non-slip Handles and Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Can Be Used as a Handbag or a Shoulder Bag.

Packing List: 1 x DJI Avata Case, 1x Adjustable Lanyard. (DJI Avata Drone and Accessories are Not Included)

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