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Painting Thickness Gauge Tester

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Painting Thickness Gauge Tester

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Thickness Gauge Features:
This Coating Thickness gauge adapts Electromagnetic Induction principle and magnetic Induced EDD current.
It can measure the thickness of non-metal coatings on metal surface.
This unit is ideal for manufacturing company, metal machinery industry, chemical industry, and commodity inspection especially in automobile trading.
Auto power off mode designed to conserve battery life
Zero, one-point and two-point calibrating
Digital LCD display
Comes with iron base and non-iron (aluminium) base
Portable, user friendly and easy to carry even in pocket

Thickness Gauge Descriptions:
Compact design and easy to carry
Provides Single, Continuous & Difference measurement mode with metric/imperial conversion

Thickness Gauge Specifications:
Item Height :104.99mm
Item Width: 30.57 mm
Item Length: 61.98 mm
Model Number: GM200
Special Feature:measure the thickness of non-metal coatings on metal surface
Target Measure: Non-metal coating thickness on the metal surface
Measuring Range: 0~1.80mm/0~71.0 mil nonmetal coating on metal surface
Accuracy: ±0.03mm
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery(without battery)
Minimum base diameter: 50mm
Critical base thickness: 0.5mm
Display resolution: 0.01mm/1mil
Operating Temperature:0~40°C
Operating Humidity: 10~95%RH

Thickness Gauge Package includes:
1 X Coating Thickness Gauge (Main Unit)
6 X Standard Pieces