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Велокофта SKINS DNAmic размер M новая

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Велокофта SKINS DNAmic размер M новая

35 €

  • Оплата Наличные, банковский перевод
  • Местонахождение Tallinn
  • Добавлено 20.04.2019 19:16



Kontakt: 56484690


75% polyamide, 25% spandex

Different levels of compression, which increase the supply of oxygen to the active muscles during the movement phase and reduce lactate build-up.

All our products are equipped with UV 50+, so you do not have to worry about the risks of sun exposure on your skin and can concentrate on your training

Wicking is incorporated into all SKINS fabrics. The moisture is derived from your skin and you stay dry and feel comfortable