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Philips GoGear Mix MP3-mängija, 2GB

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Philips GoGear Mix MP3-mängija, 2GB

13 €
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3 päeva jooksul rahas
23.02.2013 16:44

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Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX02K/02 2GB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All your music on the go — every day • MP3 and WMA playback • FM radio with 20 presets for more music options • Equalizer to suit your music preferences Ready to wear, ready to go • Full colour display for intuitive and enjoyable navigation • Small and wearable for ultimate portability • Up to 25-hour music playback • Voice recording to take notes or record anything, anytime Easy and intuitive experience • Drag and drop your songs easily — no software needed • Push-out USB for easy file transfers — without cables